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We are currently in week: 38

We travel the world sourcing new and better seed varieties and are constantly looking for new high-tech machinery to improve our services. Bedding plant trials are created each year to compare old and new varieties and create demonstration gardens showing ideas and colour combinations.

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 Achillea  Ageratum  Alchemilla  Alyssum  Anemone
 Antirrhinum  Aquilegia  Argyranthemum  Armeria  Artemesia
 Astilbe  Bacopa  Begonia  Bellis  Bergenia
 Bidens  Brachyscome  Bracteantha  Calendula  Calibrachoa
 Campanula  Caryopteris  Celosia  Centaurea  Cineraria
 Coleus  Coreopsis  Cosmos  Dahlia  Delphinium
 Dianthus  Diascia  Digitalis  Doronicum  Echinacea
 Eryngium  Eupatorium  Euphorbia  Fuchsia  Gaillardia
 Gaura  Gazania  Geranium  Gerbera  Geum
 Gypsophila  Helenium  Helichrysum  Heliotropium  Heuchera
 Heucherella  Impatiens  Kniphofia (Tritoma)  Lavender  Leucanthemum
 Lewisia  Liatris  Lobelia  Lupin  Lysimachia
 Marigold African  Marigold French  Meconopsis  Mesembryanthemum  Mimulus
 Monarda  Myosotis  Nemesia  Nepeta  Nicotiana
 Osteospermum  Pansy  Papaver  Penstemon  Pervoskia
 Petunia  Petunia Grandiflora  Petunia Multiflora  Petunia Trailing  Phlox
 Physostegia  Platycodon  Plectranthus  Polyanthus  Primrose
 Primula  Pulsatilla  Pyrethrum  Ranunculus  Rudbeckia
 Salvia  Sanvitalia  Scabiosa  Sedum  Senetti
 Solidago  Stock  Strawberry  Thunbergia  Tiarella
 Trixi  Verbascum  Verbena  Veronica  Viola
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